From now being made available within the room and now I have to leave it free ?

The room is made available from 12.00 on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure.

How do I book a stay with you?

Just use the appropriate booking form or contact us by telephone , by fax or email to request availability . The confirmation will be sent – if possible – writing with all information relating to the booking and arrangements for payment of the deposit . Only then the reservation can be said to be void.

Can I bring my dog or cat ?

Certainly yes, our facility can accommodate any pet, with just a one-off fee of € 15 at the end of your stay to sanitize the room .

Can I cook food for my child / a weaning ?

As a result of Dlg . 155/99 also known as HACCP and new regulations about safety , you can not cook their own meals at public facilities (bars, restaurants, hotels , ect. ) . Our staff will prepare meals for your baby by following your instructions .

The drinks are paid immediately or at the end of your stay ?

Usually drinks consumed at the restaurant are charged in the room paid at the end of the living room along with the rest of the bill. Drinks from the bar can be paid immediately or they will be charged in the bill.

Can I bring family and / or friends are not housed in the facility in the room?

And ‘ forbidden by law , this is to ensure the safety and tranquility of the other guests. Guests can welcome their friends and relatives in the common areas of ‘ hotel and the dining room to consume with their meals.

Can I bring a fridge in the room or a camping stove or electric field ?

In the Italian hotels is strictly forbidden to consume / prepare foods and beverages that are not sourced the hotel. This is to ensure total safety and hygiene of the same customer in the event of fire.

To use the Safe I have to pay ?

No, the use of the safe is free of charge.

The place on the beach, swimming pool and parking should be released on the morning of departure?

The day of the departure end all ancillary services provided with your stay with us. It is only provided breakfast ( from 07.30 to 09.30 ) before departure.

Meals not taken will be deducted from my account?

No, meals not taken will not be deducted from the account and can not be recovered by people who are not staying at the hotel with half board or full board .

How often is the change of the laundry room ?

The linen is regulated by the law of the regional ranking hotel . In a 3-star hotel , the sheets and pillowcases are changed twice a week and towels are changed every day.